Tools To Make You Look Good for Straight and Curly Hair

Finding the right flat iron for the specific type of your hair is not as easy as you think it is. You might have a hard time determining the perfect tool you need and which is the best rated flat iron for you. To make things easier for you, we have created this guideline.

The first thing you need to do before we get into the details of straightening irons is to determine your hair type. The flat iron for curly hair is different from those with thick coarse hair.

If you know what type of hair you have, finding the best flat iron for your hair is much easier. Pick from different plate types, various widths and temperature restrictions. Everything was explained in details below.

Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair


Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

There are several factors that you need to consider when buying a flat iron. First of all, we need to know what a flat iron is. With all of the different hair styling available in the market today, it is vital to realize that a flat iron is not the same with a curling iron, and their functions are different from the motorized styling brushes. As the name implies, it is called a flat iron, because it makes the hair flatter and not curlier. These flat irons can add various types of effects to enhance your hair. Strengthening the hair is the primary function of flat irons, but it can also make your hair curly and wavy, depending on how you use it.

1. Hair Type

With all the many choices available in the market, it can be almost impossible to determine which flat iron will work best for your hair. Generally, most women’s hair falls into the four categories. Know your hair type to find out which type of flat iron you should buy.

2. Fine, straight hair

If you have fine hair that becomes frizzy every now and then, you don’t need a straightener with high heat output. Search for a flat iron made of the ceramic model having super-smooth plates that can fight frizz without damaging your hair.

3. Fine, Curly Hair

If you have fine, curly hair search for a flat iron with different temperature adjustment, so you can choose the one that works best for a specific texture and density. Find a flat iron with titanium or tourmaline plates, this will not catch on your kinky hair.

4. Thick, Mostly Straight Hair

Even if you only have little curl or wave that needs to be tamed, thick hair requires more heat as compared to fine hair. Find a flat iron with different temperature controls and with a bigger plate that lets you spread your thick hair out so that every strand can get equal distribution of heat.

5. Thick, coarse or curly hair

If you have this type of hair, look for a flat iron that offers you both hair protection and high heat. You need an ionized model that will keep your hair protected from frying. Search for the one with at least 300 to 400 degrees temperature setting, and the one that can lock in moisture, instead of steaming it away.

7. Width

When it comes to flat iron shapes, you can choose from thin straightening plate and standard shape. The thin straightening plate is best for straightening hair and curling hair, either by passing the hair in the clamped plates at a specific angle, by clamping the end of the hair and curling it around the plate, but with the wide plate. This type of flat iron is ideal for long hair that is difficult to straighten thoroughly using the thinner models. It offers a better gripping and lets you flatten more hair at a time, thus save time on styling your very thick or long hair.

8. Plates

Besides the shapes of the flat irons, there are various types of plate materials that the straightening plates are made of. To help you decide accordingly, you need to consider the density of your hair and the styling needs you have.

9. Basic Flat Irons

Most of the flat irons are made of metal plates with few heat settings like low, medium and high. Those who occasionally use a flat iron in styling their hair or ironing a small portion of their hair may use this model. Generally, there are lots of people who prefer the next level of iron.

10. Ceramic

The ceramic models have a different function, with several heat settings. There are some ceramic models that cost less, depending on its functionalities. Usually, the more functions it has, the more costly it will be. The qualities of the ceramic vary. This model is more popular than others mainly because they are less likely to burn the shaft of the hair as you straighten it.

11. Tourmaline

This is the most durable materials for a flat iron, and it is the most popular in the beauty industry since it heats up fast, can hold the heat well, and makes your hair look healthy and shiny, instead of crispy and fried like others.

12. Ionic

The most advanced material used in a flat iron is the ionic and is the most costly one. As it does the perfect job for different types of hair, some women may obtain the same results from a different model. For dry hair, it is best to use an ionic model, which traps the moisture in the air, instead of sapping it away like what other materials do.

Basically, the curlier and the thicker your hair is, the higher heat you will require to straighten it. It only implies that you need a more advanced flat iron if you have curlier and thicker hair. Flat iron made of good quality materials will last longer and also cause less harm to hair that requires hotter and more forceful straightening to complete the job.

Types of Flat Irons

Ceramic Flat Irons

The most popular material for flat irons is the ceramic since it is both less costly and it works well to straighten and smooth the hair at a lower temperature. If you have a frizzy hair, the ceramic plates can easily get rid of it. This material is also great for smoothing the hair, and in locking in the moisture. The majority of the ceramic plates have applied ionic technology, which is helpful in keeping your hair healthy, in spite of exposing it to a high temperature that is needed to smooth and style the hair. Ceramic is the perfect choice if you are looking for a reliable all-purpose flat iron, particularly if your hair is not that curly or thick.

When searching for the ideal ceramic flat iron, think of the one that is best for your specific type of hair. Keep in mind, the thicker your hair, the hotter your flat iron should be in order for you to achieve that straight and shiny hair. As mentioned above it is best to use a ceramic flat iron with advanced ionic technology since you can set it at high heat without worrying about burning your hair. There is lots of literature that you can get in the beauty community that informs you on how dangerous flat irons are for your hair, particularly if you choose the low-grade type of flat iron. The ceramic flat iron with ionic technology is designed to reduce your worries of burning or frying your hair.

Titanium Flat Irons

The best type of flat iron that you can consider buying if you prefer metal flat irons is the one with titanium plates. No other metal can surpass the level of flatness that titanium can provide which implies that all other types of metals can pull and snag the hair. You can get the same shiny, silky hair with titanium plates that ceramic plates can provide. These straightening irons are the best among the rest, with various heat settings and features that make them ideal for any type of hair.

When it comes to choosing a titanium flat iron, keep in mind that it’s going to be more costly than ceramic flat irons. It’s because they are higher-end flat iron, made to be used in salons and by those who require more heat and want less frizz. Most of the titanium straightening irons have wider plates, since they are made to make the styling process much easier and faster, and help disperse thicker hair over a bigger area to achieve a better result. If you are searching for a flat iron that can do more aside from strengthening hair, make sure that you consider the shape and plate material. Choose a flat iron with long, round, thin model or one with a rounded edge in curling your hair to achieve better result and body.

Tourmaline Flat Irons

As some individuals lump tourmaline in with the ceramic straighteners, the truth these flat irons should belong to a class of their own. The tourmaline crystals can increase the amount of heat that can be used in the hair, as it helps make the hair smoother, and reduce pulling and tugging. It is ionized, so as the flat iron passed over the hair, it seals the hair closed, keeping the moisture required to eliminate dryness and frizzy hair and makes the hair more manageable. The good thing about tourmaline is that there is no need to pass the flat iron repeatedly over the hair since it has the capability to straighten the hair even the first time you pass through it. The tool also makes the hair shiny and smooth.

Tourmaline is one of the latest materials used in flat irons. This material increases the smoothness and enhances the ionic properties of the flat iron. If the flat iron’s plates are more ionic, it will be much better for the hair. In the past, there have been some debates regarding the use of flat irons in the hair, because the heat can damage the hair. Now, after thorough tests and evaluations revealed that the right kinds of flat irons not just can straighten hair but improve hair’s health as well. To take advantage of the many benefits of this tool make sure that you use it properly. With the new heat settings and improve design, tourmaline flat irons can help style the hair in a single stroke, keeping the natural moisture thus it will not fry out the hair.

Professional Flat Irons

Expert hair stylists are very particular on the types of flat irons they will use. Because they want to make sure that their client’s hair is healthy, they use only the best styling tools that are guaranteed to provide the style that they want without damaging the hair. A number of hair stylists will tell you that you should not use hair straightening because heat can destroy your hair’s natural moisture and it can affect the health of your hair. But, professionals know that all you need is the right type of flat irons in your type of hair and it can be perfectly safe to use flat irons to style your hair with less heat, even if you do it daily. If you are near at the hairdresser, you will notice the following three models along with the stylists other styling tools. These tools belong to the highest end styling tools that can be used not just to straighten hair, but also to style your hair. When purchasing a straightening tool on your own make sure that you choose the right design, style, and size that best fit the needs of your hair and you plan to use the tool for.

Sometimes, you have second thoughts of buying these flat irons because of its high price. If you have the budget to purchase a more expensive one, then you can get a much better flat iron, with lots of features. There are some lower-end piece having the same features like the professional flat irons but are sure you are getting what is being advertised. Do not be hesitant to pay more for a straightener that will last longer and will make your hair healthier as you style it.

Purchasing Guide

With regards to choosing the perfect flat iron for your hair, you might have some doubts and confused as to which one to choose. If you are in a beauty store, it could be tempting to simply buy the one you found on the shelf, but by doing this you might end up buying the wrong flat iron. As you start looking for the perfect flat iron, it can be hard to determine what exactly you need and which models are the most popular and the most dependable.

Due to the higher demand of flat irons these days, there are lots of companies producing lower-end models that don’t possess the most essential features. Before getting the cheapest model, read some review about it, to help you get the perfect flat iron for the type of your hair and money.

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