9 Easy Hair Care Tricks for Busy Housewives

Housewives normally have a continuous flow of household chores and foods to cook. From taking care of the children to doing the errands, there is less time left for their beauty regimen. They tend to be very busy and have limited time taking care of themselves. But they need to have time on some regimen like styling their hair, not just to make them look good but also to keep them healthy. Although it may be hard to squeeze it in their time, there are some hairstyling tips that are easy to do and normally take a few minutes. Below are 9 easy hair care tricks for busy housewives to make them look classy, fresh and beautiful.

Easy Hair Care

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Common Hair Problems of Housewives

Here are some of the common hair problems that housewives usually encounter:

Gray Hair

Some housewives consider gray hair as something that makes them look old. Gray hair could be due to stress and health-related issues, thus to solve this you need to identify the cause of such occurrence.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is yet another common problem that housewives normally encounter. It is may be due to stress or there is an interruption in the regular growth cycle. Hair loss can be likewise caused by improper diet or health problems.

Greasy Hair

The scalp contains natural oil known as sebum, this keeps the skin lubricated. If you are the type of person that produces too much oil you will have a greasy scalp. This makes your hair look limp, lifeless, dull, and is hard to manage. This is one of the problems that most housewives are encountering in their daily life.

9 Hair Care Tips for Busy Housewives

  1. Protective Styling

This tip can help a busy housewife save time on fixing her hair. Styles like braids, twists or wigs over cornrows enable a housewife to go for weeks without meddling her hair. Fixing hair is a task which most housewives cannot do because they don’t have enough time to do it. With these hairstyles housewives can focus on other tasks while keeping their hair protected and knot-free.

  1. Instead of Full Wash do a Dry Shampoo

Washing your hair regularly is a part of good hygiene. However, there are days that you need to skip it if you are loaded with lots of work. If this is the case, you can do a dry shampoo instead of full wash. Housewives don’t have a choice but to be flexible with their time and schedule to do all their daily chores.

  1. Use Silk Pillowcase

There are times that after a tiring and long day housewives are too tired to fix their hair. To maintain the look and freshness of their hair some women would wear bonnet or silk scarf. If you want to just lie down on your bed without wearing a scarf or bonnet it is best that you use a silk pillowcase. The texture of the pillowcase will keep the hair at its good state.

  1. Moisturizing

This is an old but still effective way of keeping the hair shiny and healthy. It will not take up too much of your time, so there is no excuse that you cannot do it. Without enough moisture, your hair will become dry and damage.

  1. Delay Detangling

If you are too busy to detangle your hair, then do not touch your hair too much so you won’t tangle it any further. If you fix your hair today like twisting or braiding it, you can leave it that way until you are ready to detangle it.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

If you are too busy with work and household chores and you don’t have enough sleep or your stress level is elevated, then you can check on your diet. The food you eat can likewise affect the health of your hair, so make sure that you are eating the right food.

  1. Get a Groovy Hair Cut

It is best if you get a good haircut. Choose an easy to maintain hairstyle, one that will not take too long to style. A recommended hair length for a busy mom is between the chin and the shoulder. This length is not too long and not too short to manage.

  1. Cut Your Bangs at Home

If you think your bangs are a little bit longer, you can trim it on your own at home. By doing this, you can save a lot of time and money thus it will not affect your work or task at the same time you can keep your hair looking great.

  1. Spritz and Secure

If you don’t have time to fully blow dry your hair, you can at least dry the roots of your hair and then spritz the ends with sea salt spray while they are still damp. Pull your hair up on your head and use a large claw clip to secure it. Once dry, you can let it down and apply your favorite styling spray.

Regardless what type of hair you have, you will have some issues dealing with it. Keep in mind that your hair is your crowning glory, so no matter how busy you are, make sure that you give some time for your hair.

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