Biotin Hair Growth

Biotin hair growth products are used along with a healthy and balanced diet. Basically, these are essential oils, which are mainly used for activating the hair follicles that result in the faster growth of hair. It is also termed as Vitamin H or Co-enzyme R, which is none other than a water soluble B7 complex vitamin. Generally, it is synthesized with the complete assistance of the yeasts, algae, bacteria, mold, and certain additional plant species. This vitamin metabolizes the essential fatty acids, which is extremely important for proper and healthy growth of hair. It also assists in efficiently combating hair loss.

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History and Chemistry of Biotin

Here is a brief discussion about the history and chemistry of an effective and important vitamin called as biotin. It was already discovered in the year 1901, as an important growth factor of yeast. However, it took almost forty years to research, discover and clearly establish biotin as an important vitamin. This vitamin had a remarkable effect on the various body channels like the hair, nails, and skin .Therefore, biotin D was considered as one of the important beauty vitamins among its different forms, as it occurs naturally and comprised of complete vitamin activity.

Biotin has a basic bicyclic ring structure. In this ring structure, the initial ring comprises of a ureido group and the other ring consists of a hetrocyclic sulfur atom and a valeric acid side group. Biotin is mainly a co-enzyme, which is synthesized by yeasts, molds, bacteria, etc.

Biotin Hair Growth

Biotin is an essential water soluble vitamin that assists in growth of hair. In other words, it simply assists in fighting the loss of hair. Million of nutritionists and dietitians agree to the fact that it is an essential vitamin that results in faster and longer growth of hair. The biotin hair products are efficient enough to reduce the maximum amount of hair loss. There are various mediums through which these vitamins are taken. They are as follows:

  • Oral supplements in the form or capsules or tablets
  • Biotin hair shampoos, etc.

This essential vitamin assists in revival of hair, as they are the major and important elements in the procedure of the natural hair growth. In addition, most popular and renowned hair treatments like Propecia and Minoxidil comprises of biotin hair growth supplements. These nutrients are considered in order as they show best results within small amounts of dosage.

These helpful vitamin supplements are provided to promote hair growth without the usage of extra calories. However, you have to consult your dermatologist, prior to the intake of biotin hair growth vitamins. This is because; your personal physician can assist you in avoiding certain kinds of reactions, which could be caused through these medications or biotin supplements.

Sources of Biotin

Biotin is also present in varying amounts in maximum food items but at lower levels as compared to other water soluble vitamins. These vitamins are also present in varied kinds of protein rich food items or sources like

  • Yeast
  • Egg yolks
  • Liver and kidney
  • Soybeans
  • Swiss chard
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Nuts and cereals, etc.

In addition, this important vitamin is also available in the form of supplements. These biotin rich food items are sometimes classified as the sources of vitamin B complex. These vitamins are extremely important for all kinds of living or existing organisms.

Advantages or Benefits of Biotin

It plays an important and crucial role in enabling the body to use varied kinds of blood glucose. This water soluble vitamin is helpful and advantageous in different ways. They are as follows:

  • Intake of biotin results in the strengthening of the hair follicles
  • Deficiency causes excessive amount of hair loss
  • It maintains your skin hydrated from inside out. Rashes and different skin conditions occur mainly due to dehydration
  • This water soluble vitamin assists in maintaining the glucose level among the diabetic patients
  • This important vitamin stimulates the dead skin cells renewal procedure
  • It also assists in strengthening the body bones and nails
  • It accelerates your body metabolism and help in increasing your weight

Biotin Hair Growth Methodology

Biotin is a water soluble vitamin B7 complex, which is naturally present in substances that the body is deriving from,- bacteria, yeasts, and molds. Its key role is to provide strength to the physical organs of our body like bones, muscles, tissues, hair follicles, and rest of the other important cells. Basically, this particular water soluble vitamin assists in maintaining your hair volume, scalp health, and also its continuous hair growth. Hence, it is an important vitamin that assists in enhancing as well as increasing the maximum levels of this essential element or substance. In this way, this important vitamin helps you in making your hair look healthier, gorgeous, and beautiful along with your body.

Safe Dosage of Biotin for Hair Growth

Our body certainly requires certain amount of biotin in some or the other forms. Basically, it converts the food we consume into energy, which enables the growth of healthy hair, nails, etc. Always seek additional advice from your local or personal physician before the intake. Safe dosages are always recommended for hair growth.

  • Safe Dosages for Adults: Physicians recommend adults to have 30 mcg of biotin. The majority of people, sometimes, find it difficult to consume such heavy and biotin rich food items. However, for them they can contact their nutritionists or physicians for adding a supplement or medication in their daily routine
  • Safe Dosage for Lactating Women: Lactating women or breastfeeding mothers should consume maximum amount of biotin in order to feed their infants with an appropriate amount of healthy nutrients. Physicians advice lactating women to consume 35 mcg regularly
  • Safe Dosage for Children: It is always recommended that kids should not be prescribed or given biotin medication. However, under the guidance of a pediatrician the children depending on their proper age group can be given recommended dosages. Like infants are given 5-6 mcg with breast milk, 1-3 are given 8 mcg, 4-8 with 12 mcg and 9-13 are provided with 20 mcg of biotin. In addition, children in the age group of 14-18 are recommended to have 25 mcg regularly

In this way, this helpful biotin helps in the faster and longer growth of hair.

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