How to Choose Best Ceramic Flat Iron

Looking for the best ceramic flat iron in the market is a moderately challenging task. There are just too many products to choose from and all of them sounds good due to their seductive marketing style.

But, how are you going to choose the best flat iron for your hair if all of them seems good? How are you going to determine who is lying and who is telling the truth?

Of course, some marketers do exaggerate there claim so that their products will catch your attention and have you by them. Those style of marketing might cause disappointment to the customers since they will have high hopes on the performance of the product they have bought. So, you as a customer should know what to expect when buying flat irons. If you know the right features to look at, you will be able to set reasonable expectations.

Ceramic flat irons offer good performance and they will be able to make your hair straight and sleek. No more worries about having an unruly hair because you have a ceramic flat iron at your table. This flat iron is certainly great making your hair beautiful but avoiding damage at the same time. Applying too much heat on the hair might make it look unhealthy instead of beautifying it. Ceramic flat irons will not make that happen due to its ability to properly distribute the heat.a ceramic flat iron

Choose ceramic flat irons that has good plate size

So, yes, this feature is actually based on your own preference most of the time so you have to choose what suits you best. But, some plate size are actually good for most types of hair. If you are into ceramic flat irons, you can choose those that has a plate size of 1 inch. That size is just right for your straightening and styling needs so you might want to go with that.

But, it’s still your choice on what plate size you want to use. You can refer it to your personal experience or the experience of your friends. If some of your friends like a specific plate size, then you can ask them about it. However, it is still best if you will refer to your own experience rather than the experience of other people. A larger plate size will be also great if you are not into very complicated hair styles. Having a large plate will save you time when straightening and will also reduce the chances of hair damage since you will be running the flat iron on your hair less frequently.

It is better to choose plates that are pure ceramic

Choosing a ceramic flat iron is quite confusing since you will have to take the “buzz” into consideration and the marketing done by the sellers. Of course, they are just doing their job. But, you as a consumer should know the proper characteristics of what you will be buying. Don’t just take someone’s word for it, you have to base it in what you have observed yourself. Well, the truth is, most ceramic flat irons have plates that doesn’t contain pure ceramic.

That is a thing to consider since the pureness of the plates used in that flat iron might affect its performance. So, you have to choose flat irons that has pure ceramic plates in order to get the best and safest results. Although, it is not really that bad to choose flat irons that doesn’t have pure ceramic plates, you may want to go on the safe side. That ceramic flat iron you are looking at might have aluminum plates and only coated with ceramics. Although, that ceramic flat iron is cheaper since it doesn’t have pure ceramic plates, it might cause damage to your hair once the ceramic coating is peeled, after frequent use. So, investing on pure ceramic flat irons is still the best choice.

Choose ceramic flat irons that has good temperature settings

The heat on the plates is actually the one doing the job when it comes to straightening or styling your hair using flat irons. That’s why you need to have full control of it if you want the best results. Some people used to believe that the more the heat a flat iron gives, the better. That is untrue really. You have to adjust the heat of the flat iron so that there will be enough heat for straightening without damaging your hair.

Now, you have to choose flat irons that has proper temperature settings so that you will be able to monitor the intensity it is currently working on. If your hair is not that messy, maybe you need to tone down the heat being given by the flat iron. It should be accurate and precise so that there is consistency on the process. Also, a thicker hair needs more heat so that you will be able to straighten the hair in just one pass. That will reduce the damage done to your hair.

The brand of your ceramic flat iron

We can’t deny the fact that some are definitely better at making good ceramic flat irons than others. They know more and have the experience needed to improve their product. It may be because they are on that business for quite some time that’s why they are able to point out what customers usually want or need.

So, if you are buying from a branded manufacturer, you will have an assurance that the product will deliver as expected. Those manufacturers that have good reputation will try their best to protect it. They will try to avoid inferior products. A branded flat iron is also a testament to the past satisfied customers it has served. Chanced will be higher that you will be one of those satisfied customers.

Buying the best ceramic flat iron becomes a lot easier if you know that to look on its features. Don’t rely too much on the buzz and extensive marketing done by other sellers. Always learn from your own experience so that you will get the best ceramic flat iron that is truly designed for you. Get your flat iron now and start straightening your hair.

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