How to Choose the Best Flat Iron for Your Hair Type

The specific hair type you have will determine whether this flat iron will work out for you or not. Finding the considered hair strengthener that claims to be the best flat iron around the market is not enough. There are many things that you have no consider. Even the price cannot tell its performance since not all products which a higher tag means its efficacy will be higher as well. If this will the standard, then any product business companies will just raise the prices higher.Best Flat Iron

Whether your flat iron as of today is about to expire as your driver’s permit will, we will help you to make a solid purchase, so you will never have to regret the performance it can do with the hair type you have. The first and foremost tip we will share with you is that if you have a thin straight hair, always go for 1.5 inch flat iron, set it to the lowest heat temperature and see if it can product the results you are aiming for, if it can’t try setting the heat temperature with the next heat level.

On the other hand if you have a thick hair, 1.5 inch flat iron is never a great a choice for you unless you want to spend 4 and a half hours on that make-up chair. That would just be a complete waste of time, when you can go for 2 inches flat iron, which can help give you a shortcut to have same results.

Best flat iron according to hair type

  • For curly and wavy hair, you’ll need a powerful flat iron to tame your hair. Look for a hair strengthener that can heat up to 410 degrees, this will save you a lot of time taming your hair. Consider buying 2 inches plate size, so it’s easier for you to have a silky and straight hair after using it. Don’t forget to put hair resistant before using the flat iron, this will save you from serious hair damage after the long run. Thus, saves you a lot of time in the future.
  • For thin straight hair, what you need is just a little power to even make your hair straighter. We won’t be surprise if you’d like to eliminate those tiny little flaws on your hair to make it perfect straight all the way down. Thanks to technology, who spent arduous years of research to come up with wide vary of hair straightening tools. And a flat iron is by far the most renowned tool in the market, it’s not surprising since its efficacy is reasonable.

Another conforming tip we can give to you is invest for a higher priced flat iron? We’re not saying buy the most expensive ones, consider the price and brand label. Always check and eye for professional flat iron that would help you save a lot problems in the near future. The one that could you frizz free hair days, when you could just be confident to go out knowing that your hair is drop down straight.

Flat iron with high price tag

We would highly recommend you to go for a flat iron with a higher price, aside from the efficacy would be 10x better, it will almost work out with any particular hair type. Upgrading for a flat iron is never a bad investment, it minimizes the hassle, heat damage, and styling time, which we highly think every girl would love to experience.

If you have bought a flat iron, which has no easy to set up heat temperature that could cause either poor results or your hair getting friend more than the eggs you had for breakfast. It is definitely about time for you to shot for a brand new flat iron. Investing with a durable and reliable too will cause you more benefits on the long run.

Hair strengtheners are designed to make your life easier not the other way around, always put aside the price of the tool and look carefully at the branding and the features it has, this will help you to receive less problems and less frustrations in the future.

The Basics: What Every Hair Straightener Should Do

According to hair stylist experts, it is always a great decision to stay away from flat iron that are not equipped with heat temperature gauge. If it has, then you should continue considering it. This will give you more control than whatever purpose it can serve you. This tool can be a greatly handy to create different styles on your hair, so always consider that fact that must have the control of the heat temperature.

Also look for plates that heats quickly and evenly. This will save a lot of your precious time, and still products the kind of result you want to have. This

Why is a temperature gauge so important?

Too much heat can cause damage to your hair and too low can give you poor results. It is important that when it comes to hair styling you need to give value to your hair. Still, a lot of women go beyond what’s suggested to their hair type and have damaged hair as a result. Don’t forget to use a natural oil to protect your hair from the heat. The greatest tip we can give you is always adjust the temperature according to your hair type. Don’t go far behind it.

This will keep your hair healthy and smooth for the years to come. Just imagine for a second that you need you hair for life, not only at the moment you need it to be perfectly straight all the way down. One day of having a gorgeous hair is not worth to take risk for years having damaged hair.

There are many optional features you can surely check out on each brand. Make a list of the reasons why you need a flat iron for, then pick the one that perfectly matches your needs, you will know for sure that you have invested your money for the right beauty upgrade.

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