Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners New

So I am considering buying a pair of Cloud Nine Straighteners – What do I get for my money ?

The Cloud Nine Straighteners – Within the straighteners you will find they have the following features. They have the black ceramic plates, these contain the unique secret cloud nine ingrediant that gives you hair shine and life evertime you use them. You will also see the unique cloud nine temperature control. This via the use of an LED will enable you to control the heat of the straighteners to one of the 6 heat settings that are available. Attached to the straighteners is the black cord, this cord is also a unique design to cloud nine’s it has a swivel mechanism within it that will help you straighten all your hair without getting the lead tangled up, as with other straighteners. Each and every pair of straighteners comes with the unique RFID chip built within it. This unique ID chip will confirm the authenticity of your straighteners and help give you some protection against any fraud or mis-selling of non genuine straighteners.You will also realise that there is a hibernation mode automatically built into the straighteners. This feature will automatically turn off the straighteners after 30 minutes of them not being used, this gives you a little more peace of mind that no mishaps could occur.Cloud Nine Straighteners

The Heat Guard – This unique heat guard has a multi purpose to it. First and foremost it is there to keep the straighteners safe after use, it clasps the ceramic plates together alowing them to cool naturally and keeps them out of harms way. It also will keep the straighteners tidy when not in use.

The Heat Pouch – Every pair of straighteners comes with a heat proof pouch. This once again is to stop any problems when the straighteners are not in use and are cooling. The pouch also acts a handy carry case should you take them anywhere and will avoid any scratches or knocks.

The Styling Tips Brochure – This will enable you to find the perfect setting for your hair, it details the temperatures to use the straighteners at an also how to acheive the other styles such as waves or curls.

The Safety Instructions – We recommend you read these carefully as they advise you on the correct way to use your straighteners ensuring your saftey whilst doing so.

The Guarantee Booklet – This you need to keep in a safe place. Each and every pair of cloud nine straighteners has a 2 year warranty

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